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Thank you for visiting and taking the time to know more about United in Love Foundation, a fully
registered non-profit organization in Uganda.

We are excited to share with you the hard work we do to put into reality the bright future we
envision for the Ugandan children. We hope to inspire you to become part of this beautiful journey
of change in the world. Together with the team of an ideal blend of local Ugandan leaders and
Western entrepreneurs, our mission to build a better living and bring healing, love, and compassion
into the lives of hundreds of children will truly be of reach.

Our Mission


Our mission is to alleviate poverty with a holistic approach and bring positive change into Uganda’s communities by supporting orphans, widows, and vulnerable families in their everyday struggles and help them to develop sustainable solutions to break the cycle of poverty once for all.


Our Vision


Our goal is to heal the past and cultivate a better future for Uganda’s orphans and widows by establishing family-care villages, where the underprivileged children experience the love of a family and access to quality education and healthcare. Our vision is to fight poverty by raising a new generation of children who will become the heart of a future change for this nation.


We at United Love Foundation believe in one fundamental truth: Eradicating global poverty may
seem like an enormous challenge, but making a difference in a child’s life isn’t.

The fact that you are here seeking to make a difference clearly indicates that you are a powerful
force of change, capable of making an impact and breaking the vicious cycle of poverty.

Whether your wish is to make a one-time donation, monthly contribution, or join our fundraising
team, we appreciate every single effort.

We can’t achieve our mission on our own but only in unity with those who have the same desire to
impact other people’s lives and change the world for the better. That’s what United in Love stands

Your support and involvement are needed


Education & Counseling

Education & Counseling

Access to education and professional counseling within the most vulnerable communities is the only way to save those children from many years of poverty to come. It is not only crucial for their better future but also their present. UIL is committed to providing every vulnerable child of our communities access to education to provide a brighter future for each one of them. Your donation can be a milestone in the life of a disadvantaged child.

Building & Rebuilding Homes

Building & Rebuilding Homes

Millions of Ugandan children face a daily concern about where do they sleep that day. Many of them live in overcrowded mud huts that are falling apart, while others, living in the most vulnerable situations, haven't any shelter to return each night. Frequently, even the smallest children sleep on the ground, on banana leaves, or in bushes seeking protection. Your donation is the building block needed to provide hope in the form of a safe place for hundreds of underprivileged children.


Health-care & Nutrition

Not having enough to eat is a primary concern of Ugandan children. The lack of genuine nutrition can be devastating for a child and his/her physical and mental development. Every third child in Uganda under five is stunted as a result of being chronically undernourished. For only 1€ a day, you can help us feed a child with three meals a day.

Water Access & Hygiene

Water Access & Hygiene

Access to clean water is the most essential need, and it isn't met in many communities across Uganda. It is shocking that dirty water is responsible for more deaths in the world than all kinds of violence, including war.Besides that, fetching water is very time-consuming, physically demanding, and often a reason girls don't go to school. Your donation enables us to build a safe bore-hole for our vulnerable communities


Women & Communities Support

Focusing on women's empowerment through training on awareness of sexuality, hygiene, gender inequality, and other women's issues helps restore these vulnerable women's dignity. Training in self-sufficiency, such as sewing or craftsmanship, also allows them to create a self-sufficient income for themselves and their families. Your donation will change the lives of many women.

Agriculture & Sustainability

Agriculture & Sustainability

The sustainable plantation of fruits and vegetables helps provide healthy balanced meals essential for the good development of our children. Also, providing training of practical agriculture skills to the most vulnerable communities, especially to widows and single mothers, is essential to change the everyday struggle for food. Your donation will help us to make a sustainable impact on many lives.



Unityglobal is an international team of network marketers passionate about giving back and leaving a positive imprint in today's world. Thanks to their generous support, we can bring hope and stability into the lives of hundreds of children.


Von Styp Cosmetic is an up-and-coming and generous start-up committed to the United in Love from the very first moment. From every single product is 50 cents contribute towards our projects.

We are constantly looking for generous partners who have the desire to contribute to a better world. We truly appreciate your financial support towards our mission.