Terms & Conditions for fundraising online for United in Love Foundation

Thank you for wanting to help children and vulnerable people who live in poverty, by joining United In Love Foundation’s online fundraising team!

All of United In Love’s children and projects are funded by the generosity of the public. To ensure they receive the best possible representation through this website we ask that before starting an online fundraising page for United in Love Foundation that you agree to the following conditions:


  • As an humanitarian organisation, we kindly ask that all fundraising activities are in line with United in Love Foundation’s approach towards a kinder world for children, meaning that we cannot accept money raised from an event or business activity that in anyway harms or exploits children.


  • United in Love Foundation’s online fundraising program is open to all members of the public who wish to support our campaigns. Participation in this program does not imply affiliation with  United in Love Foundation.  By creating your own fundraising page on this website you accept that you do not officially represent  United in Love Foundation and that you will not make what is deemed by  United in Love Foundation to be a misrepresentation about your relationship to  United in Love Foundation.

Truthful information

  • You agree to provide full and truthful information during registration, including your contact information, and correct date of birth. This information ensures United in Love Foundation can contact you in the event of any issues arising with your fundraising page/s and ensures the proper function of this website.  United in Love Foundation will handle all information in accordance with its privacy policy which can be viewed here. If your contact information changes, you can contact the  United in Love Foundation office or log in to your control panel and click ‘My Account’ to update your details at any time.

Youth participants

  • Participants under the age of 18 must have the consent of a parent or guardian in order to participate in United in Love Foundation’s online fundraising program. Contact us for the consent form. Once your consent form has been received by our office we will activate your fundraising account.

User-submitted content

  • To help make your fundraising page your very own, we may invite you to provide your own text and images. You agree that any visual or written material supplied by you and posted to your fundraising page is not to be offensive (including remarks that may be considered to be defamatory or prejudiced) and does not promote illegal activity in any way.
  • User-submitted content should be appropriate for a general audience. Do not post graphic imagery or adult content.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that any materials supplied by you do not infringe upon the copyright of another person. Ensure that you only submit your own materials that you own outright, or that you have permission to reproduce. United in Love Foundation does not accept responsibility for any breach of copyright of user-submitted content.

Use of promotional materials

  • You agree that if you choose to use promotional materials provided by this website (including promotional flyers and web graphics) that they be used in accordance with the policies of any third party websites where you may choose to post them; and/or laws and bylaws governing any physical premises where you may wish to post them; and that you adhere to any relevant laws regarding unsolicited e-mail. In short — don’t spam, and ensure that if you advertise your fundraising page using web or printed flyers, that you have permission to post them.

Fair use policy

  • You agree to use this website for its stated purpose only — to promote the humanitarian cause and to raise funds to support United in Love Foundation’s work.
  • This website provides United in Love Foundation supporters with the tools to create online fundraising pages in order to advance these goals. If it is determined that one or more page/s have been created with little indication of the intent to fundraise legitimately, the page/s in question may be removed. Examples of prohibited activity may include: the inappropriate creation of numerous fundraising pages; failure to provide appropriate and meaningful text content on your page/s; etc.
  • Any pages containing user-supplied materials that are not considered to be conducive to the stated goals of this website, or considered to be of an advertising or spam nature are not permitted and will be removed.

Challenge-based fundraisers

  • If you choose to create a challenge-based fundraiser, you take sole responsibility for ensuring that any challenge/s entered into in order to fundraise for United in Love Foundation are appropriate and do not risk the safety of any participant/s — including your own.  United in Love Foundation makes no endorsements as to the suitability of suggested challenges and does not accept liability for injury or damages that may be caused directly or indirectly by people engaging in any challenge activities relating to fundraising initiatives linked to this website.
  • Any activities entered into in relation to this fundraising website must not conflict with the goals and objectives of United in Love Foundation.

Direction of funds

  • Unlike many fundraising websites, this is not a third-party fundraising platform, and there is no middleman to undercut donations made through your page. All funds raised go directly to United in Love Foundation to support campaigns and projects to support our children. As with all online donations, a small fee will be subtracted from the donation in order to securely process the payment.
  • In the event that your page is set up to support a specific campaign, all donations received through your page will be flagged in connection with the nominated campaign. These funds help support ongoing campaign initiatives and/or future strategic campaign initiatives related to the nominated campaign. In the event that developments within a different campaign require critical financial support, United in Love Foundation reserves the right to redirect any funds-raised toward campaigns that represent the greatest need.
  • Donations will be processed through Unityglobal Charity e.V., our European partner. Tax benefits may be applicable.

Breach of terms

  • If you breach the terms of this agreement United in Love Foundation reserves the right to modify pages, deactivate pages, or suspend fundraising accounts without notice.
  • This website and its use are governed by the laws of Uganda.
  • You agree to indemnify us (which includes our officers, employees and volunteers), and hold us harmless, from and against all claims, liability, damages, losses, costs (including legal fees) arising out of any breach of the terms and conditions by you, or your use of this website, or the use by any other person using your registration details.

Changes to this website

  • United in Love Foundation reserves the right to make changes and upgrades to this website, including changes to the content and layout of supporters’ fundraising pages at any time and without notice.

Changes to this policy

  • Any future updates to this policy will be published on this webpage.

If you accept the terms and conditions, click here to start creating your fundraising page!

If you do not agree to the above terms and conditions, you can still support our work by making a secure online donation today.